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With over 20 years of experience Arlo is able to resolve the most challenging sites. He develops unique gardens by drawing from various styles.

Favouring strong uncluttered lines and a good sense of space, the design is an essential process for any garden. It is the starting point of a creative and rewarding journey.

Greencube also offers design courses for those wishing to pursue their own design solutions.

Hard Landscape Elements

greencube is able to resolve all the elements and processes that are required in the creation of a garden.

These often start with the earthworks, be it a pick and shovel or a thirty ton excavator. With these large machines greencube has transformed gardens by excavating terraces, placing large boulders and has created undulating dunescapes as well as naturally flowing berms hundreds of meters long.

greencube designs terraces and retaining walls of brick and mortar, natural stone or gabions. Swimming pools, ponds and streams as well as natural swimming pools and grey water wetland systems have been successfully tackled by greencube and associated experts.

greencube has a great team of carpenters available to create the timber decks, balustrades and stairways you desire; as well as metal workers capable of creating the most spectacular galvanised metal balustrade details and even the bespoke metal gazebo pictured at House band, Klein Constanta.

Pathways, stairways and patios in a variety of materials ranging from crushed table mountain sandstone, rolled laterite, natural and reconstituted stone pavers and clay klompie bricks have been beautifully designed and installed by greencube.

greencube has an irrigation division capable of installing and managing an automated irrigation system for your garden as well as offering recommendations for the installation of boreholes and well points.

Garden Management and Maintenance

Greencube manages several large estate gardens as well as many smaller spaces. Skilled garden maintenance teams regularly service these gardens under the watchful eye of a top horticulturist.

Kendell Wainman is constantly training and evaluating our maintenance team’s abilities and has developed several training modules for this purpose. greencube offers training courses for gardeners of all levels, please do contact us should you wish to train up your staff or your improve your own competency.

The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) has established the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) which aims at recognising skills in the workplace.

We are proud to present a range of courses for the green industry and the public in general that will boost your staff skills in the workplace.

Your staff will be assessed by a registered assessor and the results registered with Agriseta ( the skills authority for the green industry)

Courses include:

    1. Basic horticulture:- Pruning (SAQA Unit Standard 119710- Total credits 4)
    2. Basic horticulture:-:- Soils and soil care practices (SAQA Unit standards 119695/119702/119696/119703/119698 – Total credits 18)
    3. Basic horticulture:- How Plants Grow (SAQA Unit Standards 119686/119711/119689/119704- Total credits 19)
    4. Basic horticulture:- Basics of Business (SAQA Unit Standards 119707/119687/7451/7449/14084/119701/119709- Total credits 19)
    5. Basic horticulture:- Turf Grass maintenance (SAQA Unit standards 119697/119690 – Total credits 9
    6. Basic horticulture:- – Plant protection and pest management (SAQA Unit Standards 119694/119708/7447- Total credits 14)
    7. Introduction to garden design (Non-accredited course)- Suitable for the home gardener and gardening enthusiast or mid level management and supervisors.

For further information contact Ken on:
Mobile:            076 734 5598

Or visit the Ken D Xterior Design webpage on for more information.

Registered assessor number AGR/ASS/0352/07

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