greencube manufactures a unique geo-textile planting pocket system in Cape Town that is practical to install and incorporates irrigation neatly into the design. The system has the added advantage of placing each plant in it’s natural upright growing position, a challenge facing many other vertical garden systems.

Confirm the surface area, aspect and location of your intended living wall and greencube will devise a planting solution for you and provide you with the living wall panels for the job as well as a full installation and aftercare service as require.

Our standard panels are 1 x 1m comprising 36 planting pockets suitable for the planting of plant specimens originating from 15cm, 12cm, 10cm, 6 packs, eco trays, plug trays as well as seed. Panels can be customized for very specific applications.

We recommend the use of a quality topsoil blend with good moisture retention qualities. To this medium we add NGP’s Soil Build and a controlled release organic fertilizer as well as bone-meal to stimulate new root development.

Each plant is then inoculated with NGP’s Root Build as indeed are all our plants set out in our gardens. An integrated, unique, low pressure drip irrigation system is designed into our living wall panel. This regulates even distribution over the installation and can be connected to an existing irrigation system.

Some benefits of living walls include:

  • Aesthetic opportunities in transforming challenging vertical surfaces are many and plant choices aplenty. Depending on the aspect, we have used shade tolerant species through to various succulent species to great effect.
  • Vertical food gardens producing all manner of herbs, berries and leafy vegetables offer a valuable alternative in urban spaces where surface area is at a premium and food security poses one of the many great challenges facing modern society.
  • The re-introduction of biodiversity to ecologically disadvantaged spaces through suitable planting which is designed to attract insect and bird life.
  • Living walls offer thermal and sound insulation characteristics.
  • Public indoor spaces benefit from the air cleansing and psychological benefits.